EDBF Documents


EDBF Statutes7th Edition, EDBF Congress, 27.08.2018
EDBF Bye-Laws6th Edition, EDBF Council, 27.02.2018
EDBF Amendments to the IDBF R&RRevision 23.01.2023
IDBF Competions RegulationsEdition 8, effective 01.01.2020
IDBF Rules of RacingEdition 8.1, effective 24.01.2020
IDBF Disciplinary CodeAnnex to Racing Rule No. 4
IDBF Water Safety Policy

Attachment 1 to the IDBF Competition Regulations | Edition 4, Issue 1, effective 01.01.2004

IDBF Event and Training Safety Procedures

Appendix to the IDBF Water Safety Policy

IDBF Rules for Paradragons Racing

Edition 1.1, effective 28.06.2021

IDBF Paradragon Certificate of Diagnosis 
EDBF Org. Com. Material and Tasks List for European Championships

Revision 2019

Election of Officers – Overview for the years 2023 to 2031

Revised: 05.09.2021

WADA ‘The Prohibited List’

World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) list of drugs prohibited for athletes.

The List is updated at least annually. The latest version is published on WADA’s website in October and comes into force on 1 January. The official text is published by WADA in English and French.


We follow the IDBF Anti Doping Rules. Check them at dragonboat.sport/anti-doping.



E-Mail: info@ita.sport | Website: www.ita.sport | ITA Presentation





25th Ordinary Congress

28th July 2014



26th Ordinary Congress

03rd August 2015



Extraordinary General Assembly

07th November &

08th November 2015



27th Ordinary Congress

01st August 2016


President Report

EDBF Statutes update

Extraordinary Congress

19th November &

20th November 2016



28th Ordinary Congress

31st July 2017



29th Ordinary Congress

27th August 2018


Audit of EDBF financial statement 2018

30th Ordinary Congress

29th July 2019


President Report

Treasurer Report

Audit Report

Commission Report: Women in Sport

Commission Report: Marketing & Media

Commission Report: Youth

31st Ordinary Congress

19th July 2020


President Report



budget 2020

Commission Report: C&TC

Commission Report: Marketing & Media (+ EDBF merchandising survey 2020)

Commision Report: Sport Mediicine, Psychology and Science

Commission Report: Women in Sport

Additional items (art 8.10 of the Statutes), received after the Final Agenda has been published:  EDBF coaching course scheme proposal from Georgia

32nd Ordinary Congress
 28th August 2021


30th Council Meeting30th July 2015Minutes of the meeting
31st Council Meeting27th July 2016Minutes of the meeting
32nd Council Meeting27th July 2017Minutes of the meeting
33rd Council Meeting30th January 2018Minutes of the meeting
34th Council Meeting27th February 2018Minutes of the meeting
35th Council Meeting27th March 2018Minutes of the meeting
36th Council Meeting08th May 2018Minutes of the meetingGDPR Policy
37th Council Meeting22nd August 2018Minutes of the meeting
38th Council Meeting22nd August 2018Minutes of the meeting
39th Council Meeting30th October 2018Minutes of the meeting
40th Council Meeting30th November 2018Minutes of the meeting
41st Council Meeting15th January 2019Minutes of the meeting
42nd Council Meeting05th March 2019Minutes of the meetingEUROCUP presentation
43rd Council Meeting16th April 2019Minutes of the meetingEUROCUP RACE POINTS
44th Council Meeting28th May 2019Minutes of the meeting 
45th Council Meeting02nd July 2019Minutes of the meeting 
46th Council Meeting24th July 2019Minutes of the meeting 
47th Council Meeting24th September 2019Minutes of the meeting 
48th  Council Meeting15th November 2019Minutes of the meeting 
49th Council Meeting28th January 2020Minutes of the meeting 
50th Council Meeting24th March 2020Minutes of the meeting 
Executive & 51st Council Extra Ordinary Meeting31st March 2020Minutes of the meeting 
52nd Council Meeting19th May 2020Minutes of the meeting 
53rd Council Meeting09th June 2020Minutes of the meeting 
54th Council Meeting14th July 2020Minutes of the meeting 
55th Council Meeting22nd September 2020Minutes of the meeting 
56th Council Meeting13th October 2020Minutes of the meeting 
57th Council Meeting10th November 2020Minutes of the meeting 
58th Council Meeting05th December 2020Minutes of the meeting 
59th Council Meeting26th January 2021Minutes of the meeting 
60th Council Meeting09th March 2021Minutes of the meeting 
61st Council Meeting27th April 2021Minutes of the meeting 
62nd Council Meeting25th May 2021Minutes of the meeting 
63rd Council Meeting06th July 2021Minutes of the meeting 
64th Council Meeting19th July 2021Minutes of the meeting 
65th Council Meeting27th August 2021Minutes of the meeting 
66th Council Meeting19th October 2021Minutes of the meeting 
67th Council Meeting23rd November 2021Minutes of the meeting 
68th Council Meeting21st December 2021Minutes of the meeting 
69th Council Meeting08th February 2022Minutes of the meeting 
70th Council Meeting08th March & 09th March 2022Minutes of the meeting 
71st Council Meeting22nd March 2022Minutes of the meeting 
72nd Council Meeting14th June 2022Minutes of the meeting 
73rd Council Meeting02nd August 2022Minutes of the meeting 
74th Council Meeting04th October 2022Minutes of the meeting 
75th Council Meeting23rd January 2023Minutes of the meetingReport EDBF EuroCup Rules & Points System revised EDBF Amendments to the IDBF R&R (Revision 23.01.2023)
76th Council Meeting03rd February 2023Minutes of the meeting 
77th Council Meeting08th May 2023Minutes of the meeting 
78th Council Meeting31st July 2023Minutes of the meeting 
79th Council Meeting

05th December 2023

Minutes of the meeting 
80th Council Meeting

24th January 2024

Minutes of the meeting 
81st Council Meeting

05th March 2024

Minutes of the meeting 



Minutes Attachment
27th July 2016 minutes
18th November 2016 minutes
27th July 2017 minutes
24th November 2017 minutes
27th February 2018 minutes

President's Report

Berlin Meeting Report

Report Armenia

Report Spain ECCC 2019

27th March 2018 minutes
26th June 2018 minutes
22nd August 2018 minutes
30th November 2018 minutes
03rd September 2019 minutes President's Report
12th November 2019 minutes
15th November 2019 minutes
21st January 2020 minutes
2nd March 2020 minutes
31st March 2020 Executive & 51st Council Extra Ordinary Meeting minutes
14th July 2020 minutes
8th September 2020 minutes
23rd February 2021 minutes
20th April 2021 minutes
26th October 2021 minutes
14th December 2021 minutes
18th January 2022 minutes
22nd February 2022 minutes
26th April 2022 minutes
08th June 2022 minutes
05th July 2022 minutes
15th November 2022 minutes
14th & 15th January 2023 minutes
08th May 2023


1920 x 1080 (16:9)  –  DOWNLOAD

The Dragon Boat – history and culture
A short document on dragon boating and it’s origins

The Dragon Boat Community of Europe and the Rejuvenation of the Sport within the EDBF
– Presentation
by Claudio Schermi EDBF President

EDBF Paradragon
– Framework Rules for Paradragon Competitions
By Nigel Bedford

EDBF Youth Commission
– Presentation 
– Youth Development survey for Clubs
– Youth Development survey for Federations
By Ph.D. Eng. José M. Carrillo

EDBF Women in Sport Commission
– Presentation
– Agenda in Dragon Boating
– Elite Atlets research
– Academia campaign
by Anna Socratous 

EDBF Marketing and Media Commission
by Michela Scacchetti

EDBF Medical Commission
– Presentation
SMEDCOM Siviglia
Performance Profile
Women Project
by Antonio De Lucia

These documents are in PDF format. You can download Acrobat Reader (required to read this type of file) here.

Tourism & Sport
by Claudio Schermi EDBF President
Barcelona 2021 – ECCC
by Dragon Boat Emotions in conjunction with AEDB
Ravenna 2022 – ENC
by Antonio De Lucia FIDB President
by APT Emilia Romagna, Municipality of Ravenna and Fidenza Village