EDBF President welcome speech to ENC 2018

Dear Friends of the Dragon Boat Community of Europe

A warm welcome to all participants of the 13th EDBF European Nations Championships which is to be held in the historic city of Brandenburg. In an unprecedented year, 2018 have seen 3 major international dragon boat events in Europe. Firstly, the IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival for Breast Cancer Paddlers held in Florence, Italy with 3000 women paddlers. This has been quickly followed by the IDBF Club Crew World Championships in Szeged, Hungary in mid-July the biggest event ever with more the 6000 paddlers, and concluding the dragon boat season will be the EDBF European Championships here in Brandenburg, in the heart of Germany and in the centre of Europe.

We have a large community of paddlers in Europe, all with shared values. The most important trend for our Federation is the rejuvenation of our sport to involve new generations of paddlers and to develop dragon boating in new European countries. Both the International Dragon Boat Federation and the European Dragon Boat Federation have very strong foundations. As the governing body for dragon boating worldwide, the IDBF’s mission is to support our sport development in Europe.

This year the EDBF European Nations Championships promises another exciting week full of quality dragon boat racing. As we come together, the European Championships allow all of us to celebrate the important achievements that have taken place in our sport community. New generations will discover the traditions of our sport and meet our sport legends and the heroes of our sport who now are seniors but were once premier paddlers and have made the sport what it is today.

Our hosts, the DDV, the Organizing Committee and the City of Brandenburg have made a special effort to make this championship memorable for all of you. A special thanks goes to all volunteers and to all the race officials extending our thanks to all who make this event possible. I am proud, on behalf of the EDBF Executive Committee and Council, to welcome you here with hope and anticipation of fair races and many successes.

And now, I declare open the 13th EDBF European Nations Championships.

Claudio Schermi
EDBF President

Brandenburg 2018, August 22nd