EDBF Gala Dinner and 1st European Dragon Boat Award Ceremony

Here are the results of the EDBF Awards Jury based this year on principle to be very much inclusive.
About the QU YUAN Award, the principle agreed at the last Council was to give it to the highest sport personality supporting dragon boat not directly involved in our sport.
As announced a special Qu Yuan Awards will go also to the the main personality of our sport EDBF Past Presidents and to IDBF President.
2018 EDBF Dragon Boat Awards:
EDBF Nominations for EDBF Male Dragon Boat Legend:
a) David Bangs, b) Michael Doyle c) Vitaly Smirnov
and the winner is:
EDBF Male Dragon Boat Legend – David Bangs.
We have special EDBF Awards for:
EDBF Dragon Boat Special Award Male n.1- Vitaly Smirnov.
EDBF Dragon Boat Special Award Male n.2 – Michael Doyle
EDBF Nominations for EDBF Female Dragon Boat Legend:
a) Bettina Schneider, b) Maria Antonietta Simonelli c) Nataliia Ieremenko
and the winner is:
EDBF Female Dragon Boat Legend – Bettina Schneider
We have also a special EDBF awards for
EDBF  Dragon Boat Special Award Female n.1  – Maria Antonietta Simonelli
EDBF  Dragon Boat Special Award Female n.2  –  Nataliia Ieremenko
EDBF Dragon Boat “Quan Yuan” Award
– Raffaele Chiulli
Special “Qu Yuan” Awards to EDBF Past Presidents and IDBF President
– Mike Haslam
– Alan Van Caubergh
– Mike Thomas
Best European Dragon Boat Club
– Thunder Dragons from the club Hochrhein Paddler e.V., Germany.
Environmental Project Award – The Nore Dragon Paddlers Club
EDBF Special Projects
– ARMENIA: For the Special Paradragon Project
– ITALY: Drafon Boat project to fight violence towards women and to raising awareness of gender based discrimination in Society
– SPAIN: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS: Dragon Boat Pinatar a) 1º Greatest distance by dragon boat in 24 hours b) 2º The greatest distance by dragon boat in 24 hours in relay
Special EDBF Award to EDBF Supporters
– Peisheng Boats
– Hornet Paddles
– Tegysport Starting System
– El Corte Englais
– Hotel Barcelò Renascimiento
– Spanish Dragon Boat Association (EDBA)