EDBF Congress 2021

The EDBF Congress, held on line on the last 28th August, reconfirmed Claudio Schermi as EDBF President 2021/2025,
Anna Sokratous has been elected Vice President, Maura Dezi Treasurer and Andy Menzies Representative of the Members in the Ex.Com.
For the Council are elected:
Paola Pochesci chair of Women in sport Comm
Oleksei Morgun Chair of the Youth Comm.
Andries Boneschansker chair of Competition and Special Events Commission
Dusko Spasovski chair of Sports MEDicine, Psychology & Scienze Commission
Michela Scacchetti and Christian Tanzer for Marketing & Media Commission will go to a ballot at next Ex.Com. Meeting
Britain, Serbia, Ukraine, Germany and Sweden are the 5 Member’s Representatives within the Council.