ECCC Ravenna 2023

Here there are some figures from Ravenna 2023 (the EDBF Club Crew
Championships) which was also used by the Italian Federation as a test run for Ravenna 2024

82 Clubs from 18 EDBF Members took part.
2700 Athletes (around) competed.
261 races held over 5 days.
47 Clubs raced in the standard boats with 569 crews.
75 Clubs raced in the small boat with 569 crews.
45 IDBF technical race officials (about) supervised the championships.

Antidoping Education. For the second year the successful CLEAN SPORT AWARD QUIZ was held during the event with awards going to the top 3 individual’s completing the quiz and to the top 3 Clubs, that is, th Clubs with the most paddlers/coaches from their Club, in total,
completing the quiz.

Prior to the championships over 500 Premier Division paddlers/coaches took the appropriate ADAL’s AD Courses and gained their ADAL’scertificates – valid for 2 years.

There was positive feedback from the Clubs to continue and expand the EDBF AD Education Programme