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Dear Friends,
of the Dragon Boat Community of Europe….Happy Easter!
On behalf of the EDBF Council I’m pleased to announce 2 important novelties.
The 1st is the EDBF Euro Cup…
The Euro Cup will start in  – Barcelona on the 18/19th May,  – then the results of the European Championships in Seville will give points also to the Euro Cup,  and, at the end of the season we will have  – Nottingham on the 21/22nd September,  – Belgrade on the 28/29th September and  – Rome on the 19/20th October.
The Euro Cup is open to Clubs and Crews… but points will go to the Nations taking into accounts the best 4 scores on 5 events.
Details will be published soon…
Be ready and consider Barcelona, the well establish international festival, in 4 weeks time!
The next news is the EDBF APP… available both on Apple Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android. It’s an easy idea of our Marketing & Media Commission to have easy access to all the dragon boat resources and social media.
Next step is to create a net EDBF – National Federations – Clubs to involve all paddlers and dragon boat lovers in our “community” looking at new generations for the “rejuvenation” of our sport.
Happy Easter and see you soon at the EDBF Events!
Claudio Schermi
EDBF President