5 th International Dragon Boat festival and 1 st EDBF Euro Cup

Sathurday, September 28th 2019:
500m Racing (All Crews)
200m Racing (All Crews)
REGATTA COURSE: The Regatta Course and technical facilities will comply with EDBF
standards. There will be no racing lines on course.

BOATS AND EQUIPMENT: The Event Organisers will provide five IDBF standard racing boats
and five IDBF small racing boats.

RULES OF RACING: IDBF Rules of Racing – Edition 7, issue 1, eective from 1st January 2016
and the IDBF Competition Regulations – Edition 7, issue 1, eective from 1st January 2016 will be
used for the competition. Please make sure you familiarize yourselves with these rules which can
be found on the IDBF website www.idbf.org.

PERSONAL SAFETY: All paddlers are expected to be able to swim 50m in light clothing
unaided or as a minimum be water competent in cold water. All experienced International
paddlers will not be required to wear a PFA, however the SDBF will have a sucient supply of life
jackets if necessary. Crews compete entirely at their own risk and must be “Fit to Race” under the
IDBF Competition Regulations.

INSURANCE: We raise your attention to make sure that everyone has his/her own personal
insurance with sport activity supplement!

Download the PDF file to see all
Euro Cup 2019 – Belgrade