2023 EDBF Congress – Summary Report

The 34th EDBF Ordinary Congress was held on 11th September in Ravenna. 23 EDBF Members attended with
delegates/representatives in attendance or by zoom facility, 14 in presence (Albania, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Switzerland)  and 9 proxies (Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Russia Slowak).

The EDBF President’s Report was accepted by the Congress.

EDBF Championships

The Congress approved reports and presentations on the following
– 15th European Nations Champs 2024, Racice, Czech Republic.
– 16th European Nations Champs 2026, Munich, Germany.
The 20th European Club Crews Champs 2025, Belgrade, Serbia will be a
presented at the next EDBF Forum.

EDBF Commissions Reports

Reports were submitted and accepted by the Congress from the following Commissions:
– Competition & Special Events Com (Com Spec) – Andries Boneschanster.
– Sports Medicine, Psychology & Science Com (M&SSC) – Dusko Spasovski.
– Marketing & Media Com (M&MC) – Michela Scacchetti.
– Women’s Com   (WCom) -Paola Pochesci.
– Junior Com (JCom) – Alexey Morgun.

EDBF Financial Report

The Congress approved the financial report from the treasurer Maura Dezi, audited by Arild Jordskar (Nor).

The Congress accepted the proposal from the treasurer to maintain the Membership Fees as they are.

The budget has been approved.

Elections to the EDBF Council.

Elections for the four EDBF Vice-Presidents and the Secretary-General
were held.  There were 7 candidates for VP but one withdrew at the
Congress before voting commenced and there were 3 candidates for
The Scrutineers appointed by the Congress, were Andy Menzies (GB), Dusko
Spasovsky (Serbia) and James (Spain).
Vice-Presidents. The following candidates were elected as
Vice-Presidents:- Anna Sokratous (Cyprus), Valeri Morgun (Ukr) –
retiring VPs, Nico Cuka (Ser), Antonio De Lucia (Ita) – new candidates,
all by clear majorities of 15-18 votes, from the 2 candidates not
elected Ute Becker (Ger) – retiring VP and Nigel Bedford – new candidate
(Gbr) with 7 and 8 votes respectively. (Peter Jarosi, one of the
retiring VPs withdrew his nomination)
Secretary-General.  Elected Josef Junca (Spain) with 12 votes. Not
Elected Julie Doyle – Retiring Sec-Gen (Ire) – 7 votes and Fanny Nemeth
(Hun) – 1 vote.
Ute Becker and Julie Doyle then resigned.

Date of taking effect

A motion from Cyprus seconded by Serbia that
those elected should take office from the day after their election and
not from 1 January 2024 was approved by the members.

Elected Vice Presidents
Valeri Morgun
Anna Soktatous
Niko Cuca
Antonio De Lucia

Elected Secretary General
Pep Junca