17 April 2010British National League Race 1London, Royal Albert Docks, England
23 April 2010Ukraine National ChampionshipsKiev, Ukraine
24 April 2010Gdansk Dragon Boat RacesGdansk, Poland
02 May 2010British National League Race 2, ueen´
09 May 2010East Anglia Hospital Charity RaceOulton Broad, Lowestoft, England
15 May 2010Wetland DragonsSteenwijk, The Netherlands
15 May 2010UK Corporate Games DB RacesLiverpool, England
15 May 20107th Györ Dragonboat FestivalGyör, Hungary
16 May 2010British National League Race 3River Trent, Nottingham, England
22 May 2010Knappensee Dragon Boat RegattaKnappensee, Germany
23 May 2010Martin House Charity ChallengeRoundhay Park, Leeds, England
29 May 2010Europe Corporate GamesFlostos Marina, Athens, Greece
29 May 2010Chelmo Dragon Boat RacesChelmo, Poland
30 May 2010Istanbul Dragon Boat FestivalIstanbul, Turkey
04 June 2010Mainzer Dragon Boat FestivalMainz, Mombach (Rhein), Germany
05 June 2010Dragons at the OasisDronten, The Netherlands
05 June 2010Istanbul Corporate GamesIstanbul, Turkey
06 June 2010PROSTaid Charity DB ChallengeRiver Soar, Leicester, England
06 June 2010NDBF CupAlkmaar, The Netherlands
12 June 2010Drachenboot Festival MeilenMeilen, Zürichsee, Schweiz
13 June 2010British National League Race 4Preston, England
19 June 2010Bockinger Dragon Boat CupBockinger, Germany
19 June 20104th Budapest Dragon Boat Festival, 2nd Hungarian CupBudapest, Hungary
25 June 2010Hamburg Taiwan Cup RacesAllermohe, Hamburg, Germany
26 June 2010Dragon Boat Race EglisauEglisau, Switzerland
26 June 2010Zoetermeer Dragon Boat FestivalZoetermeer, The Netherlands
03 July 2010Polish National ChampionshipsOstroda, Poland
04 July 2010Milton Keynes Dragon Boat FestivalWillen Lake, Milton Keynes, England
04 July 2010Zürich Dragon Boat RaceZürich, Switzerland
11 July 2010British National League Race 5The Quay, Exeter, England
17 July 2010Bedford River Festival DB ChallengeRiver Ouse, Bedford, England
24 July 2010Darsser Dragon Boat RacesDarsser, Germany
25 July 2010British National League Race 6Caldicote, Milton Keynes, England
29 July 2010Dragon HarborAlmelo, The Netherlands
13 August 20109th European Nations Championships, msterdam
14 August 2010Dover Regatta DB RacesDover Harbour, Dover, England
14 August 2010Emder Sparkassen DB RacesAge River, Emder, Germany
22 August 2010British National League Race 7Worcester, England
28 August 2010Muggelsee Beach CupBerlin, Germany
03 September 2010German National ChampionshipsMainz, Mombach , Germany
04 September 2010British National League Race 8London, Royal Albert Dock, England
04 September 2010More ValkenburgValkenburg, Netherlands
11 September 2010Cambridge Dragon Boat FestivalRiver Cam, Fen Ditton, England
18 September 2010EHDC Bosbaan Dragon Boat CupAmsterdam, Netherlands
24 September 2010International Regatta Golden DragonKiev, Ukraine
25 September 2010British National ChampionshipsNWSC Course, Nottingham, England
25 September 2010Polish Long Distance ChampionshipMalbork, Poland
10 October 2010Ukraine Nat Junior ChampionshipKiev, Ukraine
16 October 2010Tragically Long DistancesPrague, Czech Republic
16 October 2010Cyprus International RacesLimassol, Cyprus
04 December 2010Dresden Dragon Boat Striezel CupRiver Elbe, Dresden, Germany

Archived calendars

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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    April 22 2018 03:35am
    European Dragon Boat Federation added 5 new photos.
    Dear All I would like to take the opportunity of the SportAccord Convention 2018, to thank you all for the time and effort you put into submitting a new design proposal for the EDBF logo. Due to the quality of the submissions of which we received 14, it has taken the EDBF Council much longer to make a final decision. There was a number of really good ideas, but they were not always suitable for all mediums of print. From the initial 14, three were finally short listed with the preferred logo finally selected from Capture Design. The handover of ownership and intellectual property of the new EDBF Logo has been signed by the Capture Design Chairman Mr Li Dong and myself in a bi-languages version. The EDBF will release an Honor Certificate to Capture Design as the original designer/creator of the new EDBF Logo and will publish it on the EDBF web site, on the EDBF FB page and on the EDBF Instagram page. Thank you once again to all designers/creators submitting the 14 new logo proposals for the time invested into our sport. Claudio Schermi EDBF President
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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    April 20 2018 05:09am
    European Dragon Boat Federation added 10 new photos.
    Today the GAISF General Assembly and I wish to give an overview of what it is this sport organization, the Global Association of International Sport Federation (GAISF). Precious informations for the Dragon Boat Community of Europe. Claudio Schermi EDBF President
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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    April 19 2018 05:37pm
    “Unity”! It is the final message of Patrick Baumann, SportAccord and GAISF President at the closing event of SporAccord Convention 2018 in Bangkok. Tomorrow morning the Annual General Assembly of the GAISF (Global Association of International Sport Federations).
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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    April 19 2018 01:39pm
    European Dragon Boat Federation added 7 new photos.
    An intense day at the SportAccord 2018 in Bangkok...time for a pit stop at the recharging zone...
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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    April 18 2018 01:38pm
    World Beach Games, a new multisport events in the landscape of the sport. The World Beach Games will be held every two years following the edition being organised by ANOC in San Diego in 2019. The Sport Programme will be determined in agreement with the IOC and in principle no Olympic events will be included in future Beach Games. https://gaisf.org/gaisf-and-anoc-sign-landmark-partnership-agreement-on-the-future-of-world-beach-games/
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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    April 17 2018 06:27pm
    The value of the Asian ancient traditions of dragon boat.
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