Canadians Dominate CCWC, German Clubs Show for Europe

01 September 2006 - 
Clubs from Canada dominated the recent IDBF Club Crew World Championship dragon boat races held at Torontos Western Beaches Watercourse 11-13 August. With over 2000 paddlers competing, the majority from North America, it was no great surprise that the home teams would do well.

Canadas Senior Dragon Boat Club dominated their field, taking home gold in nine races. The premier category saw some heavy competition from Europe and Asia with Germanys Kurpfalz and Chinas team Macau fighting it out with Canadas False Creek Racing Canoe Club for medals in the 2000m mixed (FCRCC 1st, Macau 2nd, Kurpfalz 3rd) and 500m open finals (Kurpfalz 1st, FRCC 2nd, Macau 3rd).

Germanys Kurpfalz Dragons and Schwerin Uhus, reminded the North American clubs that Germanys experienced dragon boat scene has long been producing top paddlers. In addition to Kurpfalzs gold in the Premier open 500m and bronze in the PM 2000m, the club came in third in the Premier Open 200m and Premier Mixed 500m. Schwerin cashed in on the depth of experience in the club with four medals: second place in the 200m Grand Dragon Mixed, also second in both the 200m and 500m Grand Dragons Open, and third in the Senior Womens 500m classes.

European clubs participating in the 2006 CCWC were:

  • Germany: Kurpfalz Dragons (Team Baden Wurttemberg), Elb Meadow Masters, Schwerin Uhus, Uckermark Dragons
  • Great Britain: Three River Serpents
  • Netherlands: Ballast Nedam Concrete Dragons
  • Russia: Kiev Dragons
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian DB Federation

For full team listings and results see www.2006ccwc.com.
For video footage of some of the races, you can use this link: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ccwc&search=Search .


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