EDBF European Championships Highlights

Russia Retains Nations Cup despite Strong Czech Challenge

01 October 2006
The EDBF European Nations Dragon Boat Racing Championships held in Prague from 31 August to 3 September saw high caliber racing among strong European crews. Hundreds of Czech dragon boating fans, spectators and supporters swarmed the regatta course grounds cheering on the athletes during the day and enjoying the bands and activities each evening.

Although Russia has proved strong in the past, Victor Kisselev, head of Russia’s DBF, was nervous about his crews prior to the races, saying that he hadn’t seen some of the crews in action prior to Prague. Ultimately, they withstood the test as Russia scored 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals, holding onto the Nations Cup in the face of serious competition from strong crews sent by Great Britain (2 gold, 1 silver), Czech Republic (1 gold, 2 bronze), Slovakia (1 gold, 1 bronze), Hungary (2 silver) and Sweden (3 bronze).

The event opened on Friday with 2000m races held at the famed Charles Bridge in the center of Prague. With hordes of spectators lining the bridges and riverbanks watching the spectacle, the home team won gold in the premier open and combined premier/senior women’s categories. Later in the evening, athletes and supporters were treated to live bands and a fireworks show back at the main event arena.

Saturday saw records snuffed in the 200m races further up on the Vlatava River where hosts Czech Republic won the 200m premier open with a time of 40.30. Russia followed closely behind with 40.34 and Slovakia took third with 40.54, besting finals times set at the 2005 World Championships in Berlin (2005: Russia 45.53, Canada 46.21, Philippines 46.30).

Russia improved the gold medal time they set in 500m premier mixed event at the 2005 World Championships by over eight seconds, with 1.46.16 on Sunday (2005: 1.54.37). Hungary took home silver and Sweden took bronze.

Scandinavia was back in action after a few years’ hiatus, represented by Sweden and Norway. Sweden was consistently good, taking home bronze in the combined premier/senior women 2000m, premier mixed and premier women’s 200m races and premier mixed 500m.

Slovakia proved strong, winning gold in the 500m premier open, silver in the 2000m premier open and bronze in the 200m premier open. Hungary scored well with their premier mixed and senior open crews both taking gold in the 2000m and premier mixed also taking home silver in both the 200m and 500m events.

Great Britain out paddled competitors from Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Germany and Hungary in women’s premier racing, winning gold in the 200m and scoring gold again in the 500m. Here too, teams pushed the envelope, shaving time off the World Championship results in Berlin. The fastest 200m grand final time in Berlin was over three seconds below the slowest time in the Prague grand final (WC 2005 fastest time: 50:32, EC 2006 slowest time: 47.11).

Hungary, Great Britain, Italy and Russia sent junior crews to Prague to test their skills. In the junior mixed 200m races, Hungary won the first heat and Great Britain won the next two heats, taking home gold. In the Junior Open, Russia came out tops with Great Britain second and Hungary third. In the Junior Mix 500m, Great Britain’s mixed crew topped Hungary in all three heats, coming home with the prize. Although Russia was clearly first in the Junior Open 500m, the race for second place was strongly contended between Hungary and Great Britain. Ultimately, the score was settled with Great Britain in second place and Hungary in third. If this is a peek at things to come, spectators can expect some great competition well into the future.

Racing activity wasn’t just limited to Europe´s national teams. Club crews from Czech Republic (including all-women’s club Nadace Materstvi), Hungary and Russia and Corporate Crews from local businesses also enjoyed a taste of high level racing, being slotted into separate heats between the championship races.

With the IDBF World Nations Championships in Sydney so close and yet so far away, it will be interesting to see what further levels the top of dragon boat racing can reach in 2007.

For full race results, go to the 2006 European Championships site at ec2006.dragonboat.cz.


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    April 22 2018 06:47pm
    With the greatest respect to the lives lost in China, this is a timely reminder to us all. The EDBF recommends to all paddlers, coaches, clubs, Federations and private organisations not to underestimate the basic safety rules of our dragon boat sport. Wearing buoyancy aids can save lives and that when we make choices to go and paddle on the water we must be fully aware of the conditions, whether it be strong river flows or tidal currents and the ability of our crews to handle these conditions. "IF IN DOUBT, DON'T GO OUT!"
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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    April 22 2018 03:51pm
    Today we have received some very sad news for the dragon boat community worldwide. Somewhere in Southern China seventeen dragon boat paddlers have lost their lives during training. We don’t know who they are, what team they paddle with or what they were training for, but today our thoughts and condolences go out to all their families at this difficult time. On behalf of the EDBF Council and of the dragon boat community of Europe.
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    Dear All I would like to take the opportunity of the SportAccord Convention 2018, to thank you all for the time and effort you put into submitting a new design proposal for the EDBF logo. Due to the quality of the submissions of which we received 14, it has taken the EDBF Council much longer to make a final decision. There was a number of really good ideas, but they were not always suitable for all mediums of print. From the initial 14, three were finally short listed with the preferred logo finally selected from Capture Design. The handover of ownership and intellectual property of the new EDBF Logo has been signed by the Capture Design Chairman Mr Li Dong and myself in a bi-languages version. The EDBF will release an Honor Certificate to Capture Design as the original designer/creator of the new EDBF Logo and will publish it on the EDBF web site, on the EDBF FB page and on the EDBF Instagram page. Thank you once again to all designers/creators submitting the 14 new logo proposals for the time invested into our sport. Claudio Schermi EDBF President
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    Today the GAISF General Assembly and I wish to give an overview of what it is this sport organization, the Global Association of International Sport Federation (GAISF). Precious informations for the Dragon Boat Community of Europe. Claudio Schermi EDBF President
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    “Unity”! It is the final message of Patrick Baumann, SportAccord and GAISF President at the closing event of SporAccord Convention 2018 in Bangkok. Tomorrow morning the Annual General Assembly of the GAISF (Global Association of International Sport Federations).
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    An intense day at the SportAccord 2018 in Bangkok...time for a pit stop at the recharging zone...
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    World Beach Games, a new multisport events in the landscape of the sport. The World Beach Games will be held every two years following the edition being organised by ANOC in San Diego in 2019. The Sport Programme will be determined in agreement with the IOC and in principle no Olympic events will be included in future Beach Games. https://gaisf.org/gaisf-and-anoc-sign-landmark-partnership-agreement-on-the-future-of-world-beach-games/
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