2006 Dutch (NDBF) National Championship Results

02 November 2006 - 
The Dutch Dragon Boat Federations (NDBF) annual national championship was held on 1 October at Amsterdams historic Bosbaan (the worlds oldest purpose-built rowing course, built in 1936).

United, Dutch and Bush Dragons at the 500m start.
The day´s racing was hotly contended, with close races between the country´s top five experienced teams. Ultimately, Zoetermeer-based Dutch Dragons took home first place, Concrete Dragons of Amsterdam second and Bush Dragons, also of Zoetermeer, in third place in the day´s racing. This gives the "Dutchies", as they are known, the first right to compete for the Netherlands in European and World championships in 2007. However, they will be facing a tough training regime if they hope for a podium place internationally as their best times in the 2006 season in Holland are still well behind the times set for the open class in the recent European Championships in Prague.

The city of Alkmaar´s two resident dragon boat clubs, Dynamic Dragons and United Dragons fought an exciting battle for fourth and fifth places. Dynamic managed to just nudge United out of fourth place after several photo finishes in closely-matched heats. If the two clubs manage to close the gap between their times and the top three teams times, the 2007 season could prove very interesting indeed. Finally, Dura Vermeer, KLM and Imperial Dragons rounded out the field at 6th, 7th and 8th place respectively. Sadly, Hollands oldest team, EHDC (First Dutch Dragon Boat Club, est. 1989) was absent from the championship.

The Dutch federation also maintains a cup tally, based on combined race attendance and results compiled over the season. Again, the Dutch Dragons and Concrete Dragons took first and second place respectively. United Dragons of Alkmaar took home third place in the cup thanks to their frequent race attendance and consistent results. Results were based on a field of nine experienced teams competing regularly throughout the season.

In the inexperienced teams class (mostly from local businesses and clubs), Mad Dogs, Kaag Dragons and the Gibbons took 1, 2 and 3 respectively out of a field of seven teams. This wasn´t the first time the Bosbaan saw the Kaag Dragons in action and it is hoped they will re-appear in the circuit with Hollands experienced teams in 2007. Concrete VIP´s, KPMG, Naga Molukse Draken and Nic Oud Distribution rounded out the teams competing in this class.

Photo courtesy of Martijn Toes, Den Helder NL.


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