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Principles for the Governance of Dragon Boating in Europe By EDBF President Claudio Schermi

The last 3 years have been truly remarkable 3 years in the course of development of the Dragon Boat Sport, with very successful Continental and World Championships. For the future…

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EDBF President Claudio Schermi inaugural address – 1st January 2018

My fellow Friends of the Dragon Boat Community of Europe, Happy new year from Kenia, where I’m in holiday with my family and friends.   Today after long 5 months…

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Brandenburg 2018 – Latest Numbers

Here there are the latest numbers of the EDBF European Nations Chambionships - Brandenburg 2018 Nations: 18 (Armenia, Cyprus, Czech Rep., France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Moldova, Netherlands,…

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13th EDBF Nations Championships – Brandenburg, Germany 2018 – Race Programmes

The final draft Race Programmes for the 4 days of competition have now been uploaded to (here). Please review these carefully and advise us of any errors e.g. if we have…

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Brandenburg 2018… Ready to go

On the next Monday, 20th of August, the European Nations Championships will open in Brandenburg. You can download the program here. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 22nd…

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2 hours ago

European Dragon Boat Federation

Say hello to Team Cyprus.Congratulations to the following Athletes for being selected to represent #CyprusDragonBoatFederation at the 13th European Nations Dragon Boat Championships to be held in Brandenburg Germany 23rd to 26th of August.

Alkestie Nicolaou
Anna Sokratous
Alexandra Korichneva
Eleni Roussounidou
Kathy Mavromichalis
Tatiana Ontina
Debbie Brent
Eleanor Fryett
Ruchko Olena
Monika Jakab
Maria Giallouri
Camellia Aanei
Zacharoula Christou
Elena Korniva

Gary Smith
Srinivas Ramaswamaiah
Pavel Cojocaru
John Fraser
Eas Photiou
Momir Jeremic
Andrey Kitaev
Pierre Beaudoin
Calin Calinici
Kevin Mudd
Panagiotis Sofolleous
Igor Afanasov
Djordje Pavlovic
Alexander Sharapov

The Cyprus National Team will be competing against 16 other European Nations in a number of different age groups: Premier (Under 40), Senior A (40+), Senior B (50+) and categories “Open”, “Women” and “Mixed over race distances of 200m, 500, 1000, 2000m.

Let's Go Cyprus!🇨🇾️💪🏆
#CYDBF #DragonBoatCyprus
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Say hello to Team Cyprus.Image attachment


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Hi from Spain Cyprus! It will be an honour to paddle beside you!

5 hours ago

European Dragon Boat Federation

We're off!! Follow our journey at the European championships in Germany this week! #EDBF #greatbritain #DragonBoatracing #dragonboating ... See MoreSee Less

5 hours ago

European Dragon Boat Federation

The Great Britain Premier Squad has had our last training session before the European Championships in Germany in 2 weeks time. Now raring to go! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi is this the definitive schedule? Because I think that the one of the web is different or perhaps I am wrong. Thanks

Dear Alfredo, racing program is always under construction until team leaders meeting and you can follow it at this web page

Thanks for help Claudio. I have revised and I have it clear now


5 days ago

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

Feels like just yesterday, when more than 6,000 dragonboat athletes gathered in Szeged, Hungary for the Club Crew World Champs!

But first, a teaser highlight from the first few days at the championship, look out for the full event highlights coming on the 10th September!

Stay tuned and in the mean time, share and follow the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) Facebook Page for the latest updates!
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François Goyette,Pierre Bujold... vous faites partis des highlights 😉

Thanks for a great week of racing.

El segundo 45 me pone los pelos de punta yiiiiiiha

Mike Mondrall

Stormy Dragons Paddling Club 1.00 and 1.08 🙂

Pedro Tortola Pérez en el segundo 35 sales!

Agnieszka Kabała dlaczego to mi się wyświetliło na Fb? 😂

Caroline Fortin et Katherine Messina à la toute fin 😜

Asia Eyton ! 😉

Roger Szeto 0:34 and 1:14 ish :o!!

Did you guys compete?

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1 week ago

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

Thank you HDBF for hosting a great ChampionshipsPhotos from Day 1, 2, and 3 (July 17-19) of the 11th IDBF Club Crew World Championships Szeged, Hungary.

Tag your family, friends, teammates, dogs, etc.


International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) #ccwc2018
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Christie-Anne De Peaza

4 weeks ago

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

11th IDBF Club Crew World Championships Szeged, Hungary
Exciting races on the river Tisza, 2000 m

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Teams at CCWC - this morning's meeting at 9am will be held in the catering tent which is the very large tent at the bridge end of the course. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

Teams at CCWC please see attached a photograph of the river plan and Saturday's 2000m program ... See MoreSee Less


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Gibt es livestream ?

All teams participating at CCWC - version 2 for the 2000m program has been posted on the Result Board on-site. Please check this as there are changes.

Also the team managers briefing will be at 9am Saturday and Sunday before racing.
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Schade, dass der livestream nur sporadisch mit start- und ziellisten versehen ist

Where is the meeting being held?

Maksymilian Klusek

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